Olson Real Estate Acquisition SPV I

Dallas TX

Minimum Investment
Target cash yield
Target avg. total return
Target hold period
7-10 years
Target equity multiple
Fund size
Payment schedule


Olson Real Estate Acquisition SPV I, LLC is an online Crowdfund real estate investment. The SPV intends on making an investment into The Flats apartment community which is producing income at acquisition, and already under ownership by the Manager. The Flats is 105 units – located in North Dallas, and has undergone extensive renovations in the last 12 months. Upon the SPV's acquisition, the property will continue to be renovated and leased up to market, leaving significant upside potential. This opportunity is limited, and will be sold out on a first-come first-serve basis. Invest online into cash-flowing real estate that appreciates. Essential service, affordable housing. This offering is only for high income or high net worth individuals. U.S. investors must be accredited.

Key Persons

The Key Persons are the two members of Olson Capital Investments LLC, formed in 2003 ("Olson Capital Investments"), the sole owner of the Manager, and they are the Manager's principals.
The Key Persons have combined over 30 years' experience in startup and business managing, project development and financing including Film, TV and Commercial Real Estate investing and development, mostly for their own accounts and using a combination of debt and equity, since 2012. Together, the principals of the Manager have completed in excess of 20 real estate investments, totaling over $30 million, including transactions involving a portfolio of 90+ single-family rental homes and small multifamily assets, a portfolio of 10 rental townhomes, a commercial office building, and two apartment complexes (231 units) in cities in North Carolina, Georgia and Texas. Yieldcrowd is a financial technology platform combining the security of real estate with the growth of technology.


  • Can I invest online? Yes. Once you are ready to invest, we will send an online portal login invite where you can onboard and start investing.

  • What is a "Private Placement"? the sale of stocks, bonds, or securities directly to a private investor, rather than as part of a public offering.

  • How does one invest in a private placement fund? Simple, fill out the required documents online and fund your account a 20% deposit to hold your position, then (when the capital is called) fund the balance. Start receiving distributions during the hold period until the end when your principle is paid back.

  • Is the investment secured? The investment is secured by cashflowing real estate. Even if the market values fluctuate, the intent is that the properties continue to pay out a dividend.

  • Can I invest my 401k or IRA? Yes! You will just need to contact a custodian for the appropriate handling of funds. We would be glad to refer one to you if you get in contact with us.

  • What does 'preferred return' mean? Preferred return is the first money paid after debt and expenses, before any profit split with the manager. This is the most secure equity position to be in because the likelihood of receiving monthly dividend payments is very high.

  • When do I get my principle back? After the "Hold Period" the principle and any accrued interest is due.

  • How does the internal return work? Any profits above the preferred return such as appreciation and mortgage balance pay down, are split per the offering documents at the end of the hold period.